Greetings From Our National President

The new normal?  "Busy - busy - busy!" Marcia Mohre taking notes at the 2014 Convention site tour.

We've all heard the worn-out phrase that if you want something done 'just ask a busy person!' And I've found that to be true. Busy people just seem to be able to get things done. But who ISN'T busy these days? 

My only daughter is grown and has a family of her own 7 hours away. So, my time is not consumed with babysitting grandchildren or attending school functions for them like all the other parents and grandparents that I know (and envy). My time with them is much more condensed into tidy little snippets of weekend visits, which are too few and far between! And yet, there are times that I'm just overwhelmingly busy.

There, I said it. "I'm busy." I try not to ever say those words because I know that someone else out there is busier than I. It's not a badge to be worn to show the world with pride, and it's not a burden to gain sympathy. I CHOOSE to be busy. And you know something else? I LOVE IT! My daughter recently told me that I'm far busier than I ever was when she was a child at home. Why is that? Because I want to make a difference, and I've had wonderful role models in my life who did the same. I want to carry forward a legacy of giving and doing. I want to pay forward to others the generosities that I experienced when I was struggling in life. And I'm hopeful that I'm setting an example for someone else to do the same and to continue the ripple effect.

I've visited numerous chapters this year and over and over I hear, "I'm just too busy to: be an officer; attend the state meeting; help with our chapter fundraiser; go to convention."  And I wonder if it's really about being busy, or is it about priorities, or just plain apathy? When we choose to be part of ANYTHING - aren't there expectations and obligations? Whether it be within our families; our church communities; our careers; even our hobbies!? Why is Psi Iota Xi any different?


Of course, there are LOTS of dedicated women out there who have carried the Psi Ote torch for their chapter, but we need members to step up and share their talents and carry that legacy forward. If you've been a member for more than 5 years and never served as an officer - think about it! In reality what is involved with being an officer? Do you really know? Not everyone has the talent or the skill to be a president - or treasurer - but what ARE your talents? And how about stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone and developing some new skills? If everyone would take a turn serving then maybe there wouldn't be such a high rate of burn out and resentment.


How much time is involved with attending convention one time a year.  If everyone in your chapter committed to attending convention and 2 different people went every year, you wouldn't have to go again for how long? Are you informing your new members of these obligations from the start? I've witnessed a lot of members who know nothing about convention or state meetings or even the national or chapter bylaws. Are we failing to educate?


Above I asked "is it about priorities?" What are your chapter priorities? Are you taking care of one another first? Are you doing so many fundraisers that you are burned out? Have the same officers served year after year after year?  Do you do things the same way over and over? If so, it's time to regenerate and re-think how your chapter functions. Share your concerns, ideas, and suggestions with National! What would you like to see changed? Would it positively impact other chapters? Share it!

Psi Iota Xi gives women from all walks of life the opportunity to impact the lives of their communities and beyond. W O W.  I'll never forget attending my first convention and realizing that my little chapter was part of something so much bigger! I've only missed one convention since then.


This year my Theta Kappa Chapter has pulled together to host a fabulous event June 21-22 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne Indiana. They arestretching themselves beyond their expectations and we are learning so much about one another and our strengths and weaknesses. No one has dared to say "I'm too busy..." because we are ALL busy! We are making a difference within Theta Kappa, and we are making a difference within Psi Iota Xi so we can continue to make a difference in our communities and for those less fortunate than us.  Do you MK A DIF?

The Cheese Ball Ladies

The sisters of Psi Iota Xi have become affectionately known as the Cheese Ball Ladies. That's not a bad title when you understand exactly what it's about. We hope you'll take the time to watch our little video [1:44 mins].

Ode to a Cheese Ball

How to Get Our Yummy Cheese Balls

Cheese Ball Recipes

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Long-Term Project Update

I wanted to write to give all of you great ladies an update on our Long Term Project.  In November of 2013 we still had to collect $80,580.14.  Since then we have collected money from five different chapters, two personal donations, National Council happy bucks and interest.  The amount collected since November's newsletter is $2,447.15.  We sent a $5,000 check to the Clinic in December.  The balance in our LT Project checking account is $6,867.01. 

Let me back up just a bit and explain that our Long Term Project is The University of Toledo's Intensive Stuttering Clinic.  Dr. Rodney Gable is the project representative for the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Speech-Language Pathology.  At our National Convention in 2012 the Psi Iota Xi membership voted to approve this Clinic as our new Long Term Project.  Our lofty goal is to donate $100,000.00. 

Last year Dr. Gabel had a total of 18 clients attend the clinic.  They were from five different states and one from Canada.  A total of 10 students participated and experienced 50-100 hours of therapy with individuals who stutter. 


Elsie I. Sweeney Endowment Brings Symphony Music to Children's Ears

Dame Elsie Irwin Sweeney was a member of the Epsilon Chapter, in Columbus, IN. She received the title, Dame, by Royal Decree in the 1960's for her major contributions to the arts on both sides of the Atlantic. To say the least, she was an extraordinary Psi Ote, and she helped us in our development as Philanthropists in the area of music. It began as a challenge to the membership at a mid-summer meeting. She agreed to match each dollar that Psi Ote chapters earned for symphonies with one of her own. There is much more history about this topic which could be covered in a later newsletter article. 

The Elsie I. Sweeney endowment has made it possible for many students to attend symphonies this year. There are also concerts which go into June of 2014 as well. This has been a rewarding and hands-on part of the National Project Chair position. I am grateful for this opportunity. 

Between the Indianapolis Symphony, The Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, we have distributed 280 tickets to students this year! Thirteen different schools across the state of Indiana received tickets. 

Click here to see the 2014 Symphony Schedule

Indianapolis Symphony Calendar:

Evansville Philharmonic:

Fort Wayne Philharmonic:


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Pax Vobiscum, Sister Psi Otes!

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