In 2009 Psi Iota Xi Gave $1,008,616.60

This amount includes what local chapters gave to their community; State Associations gave within their state; The varied endowments established by Psi Iota Xi; and the National donations.

Endowed Professorship at Riley Hospital - We have completed two Long Term Projects.  The first established an endowment for a professorship at Riley Hospital to research speech with children of cochlear implants—one of our early partnerships with Dr. Richard Miyamoto.

Cleft Palate Research - In 2008, we completed our second Long Term Project.  Over five years, we donated $113,000 to Carle Institute, Illinois.  This was for research using MRIs with cleft palate surgeries. 

National Charitable Giving 2009 - Our National awards totaled $36,950.00 in 2009.  They illustrate our areas of endeavor: speech and hearing, art, music, and literature.

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